What we’re working on

We are always working hard behind the scenes to create a white papers and videos on our YouTube Channel.

Some issues and questions currently in development:

  • What is the island’s carrying capacity? A multi-pronged study.
  • Does the island need and can it support its own water-testing facility? Done! Read the white paper here.
  • Can we mitigate the negative impacts of short-term rentals without eliminating the benefits?
  • Is it possible for the island’s scallop industry to come back to peak levels? A plan of action.
  • What other industries can thrive here that have not yet taken hold?
  • Is there a better way get freight to the island?
  • A build-out analysis under current zoning.
  • The economics of working in the arts on Nantucket.
  • A community-owned, island-wide wifi network, implications, costs and benefits.
  • What does a zero-growth economically balanced Nantucket look like?
  • What improvements does the island need in the area of transportation?
  • Is a heavy freight airline to Nantucket feasible?
  • The missing piece of the island mental health puzzle. (1/22 update: We are currently partnering with the Community Foundatiuon on this.)
  • Are there tax and other incentives that can help island employers create housing for their employees?
  • Changes to the island’s covenant program that will spur year-round housing.
  • A bifurcated Nantucket economic model for housing — Year-round and visitor.
  • The island’s energy consumption and how it might change.