How it works

It starts with an idea. An idea can come internally from NOM staff or from a member of the community or from an island non-profit that needs an idea vetted and sanity checked by our panel of contributors. If the idea passes initial editorial and feasibility review, it becomes IP fully or co-owned by NOM and officially part of the NOM process and is published within a few weeks. A typical workflow looks like this.

1. Editorial and Feasibility Review (one day)
2. Initial Draft Created (five days)
3. Peer review round one (three days)
4. Revised and edited, shared with original author (one to five days)
5. New draft (one day)

6. Draft shared with top tier supporters (one day)
7. Additional elements of message created (video, graphics, data tables) (three days)
8. Publication of final draft and promotion to the community (one day).