Have an idea?

There’s a saying, “a good idea can come from anywhere.” And that is 100% true. Maybe you have an idea but you just don’t have the time and energy to see it through to completion. Maybe you want to bring some measure to town meeting but your plan has not been vetted or thought through completely. And maybe you have been formulating your thinking for months or years but you’re not a writer and need some help turning a notion into an idea and then into a real plan. 

You can get in touch with us via email here: nantucketownersmanual@gmail.com

Or you can fill the form below and we’ll discuss your idea during a monthly editorial review. There is no guarantee that we will write an article on your topic, but we will give it our full attention.* 

If we consider your topic worth exploring, we will add it to the editorial calendar and set things in motion. Your idea and any information you supply to us in this process, becomes the property of the Nantucket Owner’s Manual. We will, in most cases, not supply you with editorial input but you will receive credit for initiating the idea. If your idea is not taken up by our editorial team, we will, at the very least, provide you with some feedback. 

*There is one way to guarantee that we will write an article on your selected topic, and that is to become a top-tier supporter of The Nantucket Owner’s Manual through our Patreon Page. After three months at this level we will happily write an article on any topic you choose. Again, you will have no ediotorial control over what we write, but we will give you credit for initiating the idea and we do pledge to give your topic a full, complete, and professional airing on our site and in our annual round-up. We may even make a video or create an event around your topic if it merits more exposure.

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