White Paper For Reviewers: Water Testing Facility

09/14/2021: Comment period now closed.

Hello, reviewers:

This white paper is submitted for review. It is a draft and contains some holes in information that we are actively working to fill. If you can help with this info, please do. This page is not discoverable on our site and should only be accessed by people who have received an email, text or instant message from me with this link in it. Please do not share with anyone outside this group. I will remove this page in five days.


First, download the word document for this white paper here:

  1. Please use MS Word’s commenting tools to add comments and edits. You can also add your thoughts and comments to this document in another color, if you like. If you would like to convey your comments another way, like in a voicemail or a recording, I can make that happen as well. Just let me know.
  2. Please add comments in three general areas: 1) what you would like to see amplified, 2) what you think should be added and 3) what you think should be eliminated from this draft. Unless otherwise discussed with you beforehand, your comments will become a permanent part of the final draft either as direct edits to the draft itself, in a footnote, or as comments in the appendix, depending upon what is most appropriate.
  3. White there is some technical information here, this white paper is really written for a general community audience, so if you feel additional editing for this audience is needed, please comment appropriately.
  4. If you would like to remain anonymous in your comments, please indicate that in the draft you return to me. The final document may refer to you as “An anonymous community member,” “A person close to water quality on Nantucket,” or “A town department head” or any label you wish.
  5. Please save your document and email is back to me within five days at nantucketownersmanual@gmail.com

Thank you so much for contributing to the community’s understanding on this issue! We can’t do this without you.

Grant Sanders, Founder and Publisher