The Nantucket Owner’s Manual Manifesto.

Work to make things better.
Our primary goal is to provide ways to leave the island better than we found it. Similar to a doctor taking the Hippocratic oath, we strive to “do no harm.”

Take a scientific approach.
Scientists publish to prove theories and ideas. Sometimes unexpected or even unpopular ideas. And those scientific papers are peer-reviewed, scrutinized and vetted. If the scientist’s theories or ideas are proven incorrect in this process, the scientist feels good about helping to move thinking forward. There is no “us versus them.” Instead, it’s everyone working toward the best solution.

Publish for impact.
Everything we do has a strong and potent call to action. We are not writing to be liked or to entertain (although some of what we do will be enjoyable; maybe even fun). We do it to inspire action. As a result, nothing we do will be middle-of-the road. We see a huge difference between “balanced reporting” and a well-researched powerful idea. The latter is what we strive for.

Plant trees so that future islanders can enjoy the shade.
Some of the problems the island is experiencing have taken decades to develop. And some of our solutions will not see complete results for decades more. Future generations may realize the benefits of our work far more than we will. 

Self-interest is in no one’s interest.
All involved in the Nantucket Owner’s Manual put the interests of the community before themselves. We swear an oath to be as unbiased and impartial as we can. No one is perfect, but we strive to be as transparent and fair as possible.  

Spread hope.
Unlike the news media which works hard (intentionally or not) to make readers fear the world around them because that’s what “sells,” our goal is to help the community find answers to problems. And, as a result, have hope for the future.

Facts win.
Our work is free from personality or questioning of motives. Facts are what matter. Policy and ideas over gossip. Eleanor Roosevelt had it right when she said small minds talk about people, great minds talk about ideas. We strive to work only with great minds on the most important ideas to address the critical issues we all face. 

Leave politics to the politicians.
What we do is about policy, change, and ideas and never about building or eroding political capital. We are not running for anything. Instead, we serve to furnish non-profits, NGOs, elected officials, town employees and citizens with critical thinking and persuasive facts. 

Deliver the idea and stand back.
As a local think-tank of sorts, our role is to facilitate the discussion and clarify the issues, but we cannot be involved in advocacy or politics because doing so taints our work from the start.  What we do cannot work if people do not have full trust in our methods and results.